Hi guys,

My name’s Alex and I just want to welcome you all, old and new to my blog. If you’ve been with me since the beginning then thank you, for sticking by me. And, if you’re new then HELLO. Please have a look around. I tend to review the things I like rather than sticking to one particular thing. I am a reviewer and love trying and reading new things. I review food, books, drinks, health and beauty products and more.

I also suffer quite badly with anxiety and this blog is my lifeline. It gives me purpose and helps me focus. Writing about my mental health issues, and the ways I cope and manage that is a new addition. It is one I’m enjoying. Recently, I’ve been focusing on meditation as a mindfulness technique. If you’re not sure what mindfulness is then click on the category tag to your right to be taken to my posts on this subject.

I’m also on social media. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter. Sorry, I’m not on Instagram yet but that is something I’m looking into in the future. If you’re on Facebook you can use @TheHungryBookDragon to find me, and @PumpkinPie0518 on Twitter. I’m also on Goodreads and Pinterest too. All social links can be found at the bottom of my page.

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now. I have had gaps where life got busy and I wasn’t able to post regularly. I started as a book reviewer and have posted about books I’ve bought, been given by friends and family as well as ARCs provided by NetGalley which is a fantastic website. They have every category you could think of and can be downloaded directly to your Kindle/Kindle App or another epub reader. If your an author or publisher that’s come across my blog, I am also happy and willing to review independent novelist/poets/dramatists also.

For anyone who’s thinking who is this person jabbering on, I’m also a massive, massive Potterhead. I am a Ravenclaw, my Patronus is a dolphin, my favourite OTPs would have to be Wolfstar, SiReMione (Sirius/Remus/Hermione), Sirimione, Blinny and Charmione. There are not enough Charmione stories out there and it makes me sad. Unfortunately, I don’t feel creative enough to write my own. I’m also a big Sherlock and Doctor Who fan. I also live in England with my partner trying to live my best life.

If you haven’t fallen asleep by now. I hope you hit that follow button and tell all your friends. I also absolutely love receiving people’s comments, and I will always leave you a reply. Recommendations are also welcome. If you don’t want to leave a comment on my page, you can always contact me below and I will get back to you.

Thank you again for visiting, and enjoy your stay x